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Gammeltomten- Pellas Homestead
Pellasgården The homestead "Pellas", built sometime in the 1830´s or 1840´s in the village of Karlsberg,
is located in the "Gammeltomten" right in the middle of the village of Los  in Hälsingland,
the old spelling of Los is Loos and is used by the locals.

According to a protocol the 18 of Sept 1963 they decided to purchase the brothers Knut and
Gunnar Perssons Pellas farm in Karlsberg, Pellas was bought for 7 000 SEK in Nov 1963.

In 1965 it was decided that Pellas should be disassembled and moved to Loos,
the workers were paid 7,50 SEK per hour.

Gammeltomten was earlier named "Kahlmetertomten" (yard of Kahlmeter) and was
the place of the Henric Kahlmeter´s mansion back in those days. The only remaining part
of the mansion complex is a basement ruin.

In 1736 the Commerce councellor Henric Kahlmeter (1693-1750), found cobolt in Loos and mining
took place in Loos Kolboltgruva, in 1744 Kahlmeter also founded Swedens first cobolt works -Blåfärgswerket ((Blue colour works) the colour of cobolt is blue). The plant Blåfärgswerken was
later on named "Sophiendal" after Kahlmeter´s wife Sophie, Sophiendal shut down in 1771.

At the glassworks, founded in 1763 at Sophiendal, production started of the so-called
Loos-bottle. As production only survived for eight years the remaining bottles are sought
after by the collector´s market and are sold for many thousands of SEK (Swedish krona).

In it´s day, the plant was called "The the big wonder in the forest".


Gammeltomten- Pellas Cafeteria/Dining Area
Pellas has a hall for gatherings and dining rooms that can accommodate over 60 people.
Since the 60´s many a guest has been served "fika" (coffe and cake) and other dishes. 
In the old invoices you can read that 200 hot dog buns cost only 24 SEK and 10 kilograms (about 20 lbs) of sugar cost 14,60 SEK to buy, the electric bill was about 50 SEK per trimester including 7% (!) tax.

The venue is used for weddings, anniversaries, club activities and other events, parties and dances as a cafeteria, there is a spacious, fully equipped, kitchen. 

Previous summers the premises have been used as a cafe, run by the Loos Hembygdsförening,
but the association hopes that this will re-emerge under private management like in the old days.

The Pellas is available for rent by induviduals, companies and associations for 500SEK/day
incl. access to kitchen, surcharge for cleaning may apply.
Pellasgårdens servering


Gammeltomten- Pellas Museum
museum gif  Loos Hembygdsförening, on the 28 of Augusti, 1937, formed an interim board to facilitate the formation of a historical society, on the 5th of December that same year the association was formed.

According to the bill of sale, the Kahlmeter yard was sold the 17 of June 1942 by merchant/resturanteur Folke Mellgren for the sum of 2500 SEK.  500 SEK was donated by a late relative of "our"
Loos-Kahlmeter namely Associate Professor Gunnar Kahlmeter, 500 SEK was appropriated by the
Loos muncipal council and the remaining amount the history society borrowed 1000 SEK from
Los-legokassa (a local bank) and another 500 SEK of own cash according to letters written 
8 & 9 of Maj 1942.
The main house "Pellas" was previously a house for lease in the village of Karlsberg just south of Loos.

The building was purchased in 1963 and moved to Loos,  an extensive renovation began in 1965,
including 400 hours of painting, in 1966 the plumbing was installed. In 1967 the roofs were re-made.

The renovation was made with funding from private Loos landowners, and the forest companies:
Bergvik och ALA AB, Korsnäs-Marma AB, Ström-Ljusne AB, AB Iggesundsbruk, Domänverket
and also Los Muncipality and Los Co-op (general store).

Downstairs is used as a meeting/dining area and upstairs there is a little museum.

Pellas Museum opened in 1967, and contains items from the Stone age to the present, the exhibitions hightlights the Loos parish history from prehistoric to the colonization of the Finns, mining,
glssworks, as well as hunting and fishing, which has always been necessary for people in
the "Finnskogen" (Finn forest), all items have been found in Loos or it´s vicinity.

Open for guided tours by appointment.


Gammeltomten- Big Lodge
The big lodge in two floors is moved from Huskölen (a place outside the village of Kårböle
(30 km to the north of Loos)). Huskölen belongs to Ytterhogdals parish in the county of Jämtland.

The building was purchased of Per Jonsson for 7 000 SEK in 16 of Feb 1971 and then moved to Loos.

The lodge has for generations been uses as dance floor, for theater and for other performances
as well as Christmas markets.

The lodge has a large stage and dance floor.

The lodge is beautifully framed by Kyrkbytjärnen (church village woodland lake) in the background.

The big lodge is available for rent by induviduals, companies and associations for 400SEK/day,
surcharge for cleaning and electricity may apply.


Gammeltomten- Össjö Lodge Outdoor Dining And Pub
uteservering  Gammeltomten outdoor dining and pub.

The lodge was moved to Loos from Össjön (a few houses to the norhtwest of Loos) around 1959-1960,
it was a gift from the forest company "Bergvik och ALA AB".

The lodge was disassembled and moved to Loos in April of 1959. The three workers eached worked
for 25,5 hour and got paid 5,50 SEK/hour.

The outdoor terrace can accommodate both seating for 30 as well as a little unusual "orchestra pit"
which infact is on the second floor of this building.

The Össjö lodge is available for rent by induviduals, companies and associations for 300SEK/day, surcharge for cleaning and electricity may apply.


Gammeltomten- Outdoor Stage
The outdoor stage has been the place for spectacles like the "Kahlmeterspelen"
a theatre production about the life of Commerce councellor Henric Kahlmeter.
Kahlmeterspelen is also available as a movie, last showed during Loos Week

The building was made in old traditional style in 1997.


Gammeltomten- Fen Quarry Barn
myrtäcktslada Gammeltomten barn from a fen, moved to Loos from Karsvall a bit north of Loos.


Gammeltomten- Ladmyråsen Cabin
Cabin from Ladmyråsen, moved to Loos from Ladmyråsen, 
(located between Össjön and Hästskovallen a few kilometers to the northwest of Loos).

The building was disassembled in the spring of 1968 and moved to Loos in the winter of 1968.

It was a gift from the "Bergvik och ALA AB" forest company in 1967, through it´s trustee Erland Seliberg.

The building was a forest worker cabin for 16 people, who slept in crates around the open fire.

Used regularly by the local historical society at major events to make a form of thick pancake called "Kolbulle" (in English "charcoal bun". In the old days it was made by charcoal kiln workers). It is made of water, salt, smoked diced pork and flour, sometimes also milk. Eat with Lingonberry: Recipe)).

Gammeltomten- Chalet
stuga 1  Chalet is moved to Loos from Kämpesvallen and re-built during the fiscal year between
May of 1957 and May of 1958.

According to a letter from "Bergvik och Ala AB" company in winter of 1956
the chalet is given as a gift to the Loos historical society.


Gammeltomten- Chalet Barn
Chalet barn "Sommarfäx".

The building is moved to Loos from Kämpebergsvallen between
19 of March 1956 - 11 of May 1957

According to the annual report the buildning is bought for 50 SEK from Olov Olsson
in "Pers" (a house located near Loos Cobalt mine).
stuga 2 


Gammeltomten- Wooden Storehouse
stuga 3  Wooden storehouse.

Moved to Gammeltomten from the house "Fritses" (located ca 200-300 meters north of Gammeltomten) 
ca 1995.


Gammeltomten- Wooden Storehouse
Wooden storehouse. 

The building was moved from Loos Municipality´s land in the village of Tenskog south of Loos in 1956 according to a protocol in Loos Municipal board 16 of Oct 1956 it´s decided that the wooden storehouse is to be a gift to the historical society.

Probably, the move does not take place until fiscal year of 11 of May 1957
- 20 May of 1958.

The building is dated 1846 (engraved in the building).
stuga 4 


Gammeltomten- Shed
stuga 5  Loos oldest surviving building is a shed from 1614.

The building was moved from the village of Tenskog south of Loos.

The builing is a gift from Stina Zackrisson (born Viktorén).

According to the board´s annual report 19 March of 1956 - 11 Maj of 1957 a smaler
storage house from Tenskog has been re-built on the Gammeltomten.


Gammeltomten- Barn
Gammeltomten barn.  We do not have any futher information at this time. stuga 6 


Gammeltomten- Loft Shed
stuga 7  Loft shed (gallery shed).

According to information, the loft shed is probably from 1783-1789 but is suspected to be older
because of the building style. 

Was moved to Loos from village of Rullbo (ca 20 kilometers to the north west of Loos) according
to the board´s annual report 26 of Nov 1955 -18 of March 1956.


Gammeltomten- Kahlmeter´s Basement Ruin
Basement ruin.

This is the only part of the old Kahlmeter´s mansion
(then, also called "Kahlmeters mine homestead")
that remains.

One of Kahlmeters brothers was brother in law with
Carl Linnaeus (in Swedish: Carl von Linné)


Gammeltomten- Barn
Ladan Barn.

Probably built in the 1900th century. The only information we have at this time
is that it was moved to Loos before 1973.


Gammeltomten- Hot Dog Stand
Hot dog stand.

Mostly used as a hot dog stand and lottery sales desk.

Built in modern time.
stuga 8 


Gammeltomten- Entrances
entreer  The entrances.

The north entrance to the right, turn to Kalmetervägen (the Kalhmeter road).
The south entrance to the left, turn to Gammeltomtsvägen (the old homestead road)
where the large 200+ car parking lot is located.


Gammeltomten- Sleds
Old sleds.

Roof over the sleds built during the 1990´s.

During the summer of 1987 the sleds were added as a gift by the "Frits Johanssons sterbhus" (estate).


Gammeltomten- Bakery Cabin
bakstuga   Bakery cabin.

Built in 1988.

The cabin has a large stone oven that can be used to make flatbread or pizza.

The bakery cabin is available for rent by induviduals, companies and associations for 250SEK/day, surcharge for cleaning and firewood may apply.

Call Loos Camping site reception for booking and information.


Gammeltomten Service Building - Reception
Gammeltomten reception and reception for the Loos Camping site.

Here also Loos serviceman has his reception
Mon-Thurs. 8-12 A.M. information: Serviceman
Free service!
He can help you with counselling/mediation, act as an ombudsman in contacts with
municipalities/goverment agencies, entrepreneur support,
help move to Loos and more...

At the reception several local clubs and societys hold meetings.


Gammeltomten- Boathouse
Båthus Gammeltomten boathouse.

Built on the site in connection with a carpentry course in the 1990s.


Gammeltomten- Dundrams Cabin
Dundrams cabin

Old forest worker´s cabin, moved to Loos Camping site 1988

Renovated for use as 6-bed rental cabin (see more in the Loos Camping site part of the website).


Gammeltomten- Smoke
Rök Smoke.

Built on the site in connection with a carpentry cource in the 1990s to smoke meat.


Gammeltomten- Gap Shed
Gap shed.

Built on the site in connection with a carpentry course in the 1990s.


Gammeltomten- Service Building WC
toaletter  WC.

WC building built on the site ca 2005, there is also more WC/bathrooms in
the Loos Campings site service building with handicap accessibility.


Gammeltomten- Aerial View
Arial view of Gammeltomten in connections with celebrations in the old days.

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